Welcome to www.4-sqr.com, the home of Four-Square Services.

Unfortunately this locale is not set up to conduct internet business. Furthermore, to call this site "Under Construction" would be an exaggeration. It is more as if the land has been bought but the building permit has not been issued. While this may not sound like much of a "home", it does provide the basis for the dream part of a dreamhouse. There are several potential directions for this venture, none of which have been fully-evaluated. Ground-breaking day has not been selected.

In the interim, I have loaded a couple of pages here as place holders — you might view these as being sort of a "Future site of ..." sign, but that may indicate that it is time for you to visit an ophthalmologist. It would be better to consider this factor: In order to own this domain and control the email, I am paying for web page storage and bandwidth whether I use it or not, so I might as well play with a few pages.

As I ponder decisions related to Four-Square, or perhaps wallow in indecision, a couple of quotations have stuck in my mind. If you are interested in that aspect of my psyche, take a visit here.

If you are more inclined to the entertainment that can be provided by more established sites, here are a few I find of interest.

Since I am not registering this site with any of the search engines, I really don't expect anyone to stumble down this particular rabbit hole. If you do, I would be interested to hear how you got here. Please send comments to blitheringidiot@4-sqr.com or check back for potential signs of progress.